Battpoint App

Why BattPoint ?

BattPoint is the great phone charging solution with a network of portable power banks.

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Rent
  • Stay Connected All The Time

Ever run out of battery while on the go? Not anymore


How To Use Video

Never Run Out Of Battery

How it works

How to use Battpoint

  • Download The App

    Download The App And Find The Nearest Charging Station

  • Rent Power bank

    Power Bank Will Be Unlocked & Ready To Charge Your Phone

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  • Scan The Code

    Scan The QR Code At The Station To Unlock Your Power Bank

  • Return The Power Bank

    Return The Power Bank To Any BattPoint Station

£0.99 per Hour
£2.95 for 24 hours

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About Us

BattPoint is an innovative phone charging solution to a modern-day problem: finding yourself with a low battery. With a network of charging stations containing portable power banks, you can confidently leave the house and use your electronics without getting ‘low-battery anxiety’ (or nomophobia, as it's called).


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