Covid-19 UVC Sterilization Technology Intergrated Within Battpoint

Cutting- Edge

Phone Charging

Covid- 19 Safe
  • Generate extra revenue
  • Keep your customers happy with fully charged batteries
  • COVID-19 Protection - Keep customers and staff safe by minimizing the spread of COVID-19 with UV battery sterilizing lamps
  • Increase the length of customer visits by providing phone charging facilities

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Benefits BattPoint charging stations
would have in my venue.

Increase the Length of Customer Visits and Spend by Providing Phone Charging Facilities.

Innovative Charging Station for All Public Venues and Events.

Increase Footfall

More customers will visit your venue

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Better Customer Experience

Show you care and your customers will notice

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Longer Dwell Time

With the opportunity to charge, customers will stay at your venue longer

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Increase Customer Spend

A natural effect of increased dwell time

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Hassle-Free Set-Up

Easy install and set up so you’re up and running quickly

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Generate Revenue

BattPoint share revenue generated at your locations

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How it works
Never run out of battery - watch this video to find out how BattPoint works, and how a charging station can provide benefits for your business.
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4 Steps To Charge Your Battery Easily

How to use BattPoint

step 01
Download The App

The BattPoint App helps you to find and use the nearest charging station

step 02
Scan The QR Code

Each charging station has a unique QR code. Scanning it will unlock access to the power bank.

step 03
Rent Power Bank

The power bank is ready to charge your phone. Rent it to unlock it and boost your power.

step 04
Return The Power Bank

When you’re finished, simply return the power bank to any BattPoint Charging Station.

The BattPoint Charging Device

COVID-safe UVC Sterilization Technology

Fast set-up

Custom branding with personalized LCD screen

Self-service - no additional work for you

Simple contactless payment methods

Connection via 4G SIM or WiFi network

Localized marketing opportunities

Each charging station includes 12x5000mAh BattPoint power banks, suitable for all types of phones, tablets, cameras, etc.


Of people run out of battery at least once EVERY DAY


of people don’t carry any backup power


of people choose venues with charging options

£0.99 per Hour

£2.95 for 24 hours

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